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Have you been feeling drawn out, like you don't even know yourself anymore, and that no how hard you try to take some time to reconnect with yourself something else ALWAYS seems to come up? Boy have I been there!

My name is Laura, I am a mum of two boys who are the lights of my life, and my biggest challenge!

The journey into motherhood has been rocky for me, with some of my most wonderful moments mixed in with some of my darkest times.

I have laughed, cried (alot), sometimes screamed, and been filled with joy as I look at this little family we have created. But somewhere along the way I lost myself. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I forgot what lit me up. I stopped doing the things that filled up my soul. I have had therapy, done the research and leant on my amazing community of family and friends to get me through. And coming back out into the light, I am committed to helping other mamas to thrive, not just survive, these early years of motherhood.


It took me a while to come back to who I was at my essence. At my core I am a boho, essential oil, wine loving mama who knows that it feels like to feel "lit up" and now I coach women into self care routines that honor their light, and help them return back to who they were before having to put everyone else first.

I am hosting a 6 week self-care course at Restoration Yard starting in May.

So What Is Self-Care?

Often it simply means giving yourself time to breathe and take stock.

Sometimes it is working through the cycle of guilt that we as mamas seem to be drawn into.

As Deborah Day says, self-care is about “nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go...and you are worth the effort. "

Going within and searching our soul can be hard, painful even. I absolutely get it. I have been there (a few times). But here’s the thing – to live an authentic life we must first (re)discover what it is that lights us up. Sometimes we can spend an awful lot of time searching for things to make us feel whole, to fill us up, without ever really realizing the power and strength that we have already within us.

If we are to be present, to live to our full potential and to light our souls on fire then self-care must be priority.


The MamaSpace 6-week course will help you create beautiful, radical change in your self-care practice by adding up subtle shifts every day of every week. By using a set of inspiring self-care tools we will build up a transformative programme of daily habits which serve to light us up, give us energy and return to ourselves.


Course details, What you get:

  • Weekly 90 minute in-person group sessions every week at the beautiful Wellbeing Lab, Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park (6 sessions worth £150)
  • Daily online support via an exclusive Facebook community to support your journey (worth £200)
  • Personalised support via Voxer from me (worth £150)
  • Resources to read & complete at our own pace, when the time is right (worth £35)
  • Essential Oils to support you on the MamaSpace journey (worth £24)
  • Mamaspace welcome pack (worth £45)


  • Create an individual self-care plan that suits our lives
  • Create intention around gifting ourselves the time for self-care
  • Work on letting go of the guilt surrounding self-care for ourselves
  • Explore simple, everyday self-care tools 


Mamaspace has two times available for registration and will prove to be a great source of peace and enjoyment for you!

Monday, May 15th - Monday, June 19th - 1pm-2:30

Tuesday, May 16th - Tuesday, June 20th - 7:45pm-9:15pm

Join with a beautiful community of like-minded mamas who support and encourage each-other

Simply choose the day that works best for you.

Click and reserve your spot!

The cost of the 6 week course is £375 and numbers are very limited due to the nature of the course so grab your spot here now.

Registration ends Wednesday 10th May!



Wellbeing Lab @ The Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park

If you would like to find out more you can book a FREE discovery call with me here.

Come on mama, let’s go on this journey together. It is so much better on the other side. And I’ll be with you every step of the way.

With love and light,

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