Wake up call


You know that nagging feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something? You can’t find your keys anywhere. You keep bumping into things. You get niggly pains in your body. You feel scattered. You can’t get clarity on what the next steps are. You can’t figure out what to have for dinner. You stub your toe… and break it.

Yep, one of the most stupid self-injuries known to (wo)man. The stubbed toe. Except this weekend I managed to give mine such a wallop that I broke my pinkie toe and am now forced to take it easy. Forced. After being gently invited on so many occasions to slow down.

The run up to this has been an interesting one – full of little bumps and bruises. I slept funny and have been dealing with a sore neck ever since. I whacked my elbow and can’t lean on it. The universe has literally been giving me little wake up calls left, right and centre – but have I been listening? Nope. I just kept on keeping on.

And here I find myself laid up, not able to sleep at 3am with the most pitiful of broken bones – the toe.

So, universe – I am now listening. You have my attention. I am consciously slowing down. I am taking time with my precious babies. I am going to be present with friends and family this week during our town celebrations. I am booking that family holiday that M and I have been talking about for months and never quite committed to. I am making time for me, just to be.

Sometimes, we need a wake-up call. This one has thankfully been pretty minor. But it’s been enough to shake me up and remind me that I need to put into practice my own teachings. Self-care, self-love, being present, seeing what is around me (like the wall…ouch).

If the universe is giving you any signs, wise up to them. Reflect on what may need to change. Maybe it is just a minor adjustment that is needed to make sure you get back on the right path. Little, gentle shifts back to you.

For now, I am going to embrace the fact that I can’t rush anywhere (this is really pretty hard for me!!). I am going to up my self-care, take my supplements and fill my body with goodness so that I can heal. And it’s not just about my toe. It’s the whole picture.

Time to get back to me.

Time to up the love.

Time to mother myself.

Love, light + oils,

Laura xxx


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