Why I turned my life upside down (and right around)...

Why I turned my life upside down (and right around)...

... I often get asked about the differences in oils that you can buy 'cheaper' or that have massive marketing campaigns behind them and why dōTERRA is different to these. And in all honesty I had all of these questions before I used dōTERRA oils (and I continue to question, all the time, because that is important to me). And, of course, I get asked (a lot) by my old colleagues, friends and family why I decided to move away from my career in International Development to start a wellness business and align with dōTERRA as a distributor.

So here are just some of my reasons - from my heart to yours.


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Oily Summer Hols

Summer holiday time!!!

How the hell did it get to be July already?? I am currently packing for our holiday to Ibiza and cannot bloody wait!! It has been a year full of ups and downs already and I cannot wait for some serious #famtime. I have never been to Ibiza but in the last few years I have been reading more and more about it and seeing pictures of those luscious turquoise seas. It has totally captivated me – I even put it on my Vision Board for this year so I am over-the-moon excited to be making this happen!! M and I are highly unlikely to be ripping it up at Pacha - I’m thinking more sangria, paella and sunsets and soaking up the infamous Hippy Market. Oh yeah, and the kids will be there too. So it’s possibly going to look more like ice-creams, waterpark and TOO MUCH NOISE.

It does however seem like the packing run-up is actually taking more time than the holiday itself might. As I used to travel loads with work I was great at the art of packing light. However, since having kids I feel something completely takes me over and suddenly I envisage every kind of scenario that we may need to pack for (and also, it would seem, forget that we are actually going to a developed area where there are, in fact, shops, other human beings and food.). A good friend has just offered to come round to “give me a stern talking to” about the amount I am packing. Traveller fail. What happened to that independent woman who could fly to warzones with a backpack? Oh yeah, two small and quite high-maintenance boys.

So I am remembering that pretty much all we need is swimwear, and very little else (hello 30 degrees). And then I am mainly packing my oils.

Here are a few that I will taking with me:

Balance – doTERRA’s amazing grounding blend. I would literally not function without this amazing blend of oils. And I certainly cannot parent without it. Whilst I do feel that the sangria and sunshine will help, I’ll be keeping up my daily love affair with Balance and applying it to the bottoms of my feet morning and night (and any times in between when the kids are fighting over the inflatables). At the slightest sign of anxiety creeping in, Balance is my friend. I also love mixing it with Bergamot (another beautiful anxiety-buster) and the bonus about bergamot is that although it is a citrus oil it isn’t photosensitive so won’t react with the sunshine!! Place a drop in your hand and take a deep inhale, then rub onto your shoulders and back of neck, or on bottoms of feet.

Lavender – this little beauty is the main reason that I switched to doTERRA essential oils in the first place. It is MIND BLOWING. If you ever wondered, or needed convinced, about the purity of doTERRA and the claims that these are the highest quality oils on the planet then get your hands on Lavender. It will dispel any doubts you may have (and will do a lovely job of calming any anxiety, or increasing focus along the way). I’ll be using this to lull my little ones to sleep in a strange hotel room. I’ll also be combining it with peppermint and melaleuca to soothe sun-parched skin (see here for the recipe).

On Guard – how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Holidays are a time when you re exposed to loads of new, exciting things… and some not so welcome things like germs and bugs. I will be applying on guard liberally to all of us to boost our immune system and kill off any nasties that might be lingering. The awesome On Guard touch roller ball will be our saviour as you can roll onto hands and go. I’ll be using it as a hand sanitiser, but unlike those horrible antibacterial gels that strip my skin of any good stuff and make my eczema flare up the coconut oil that it is mixed with will nourish and soften our hands too. Love, love, love.

Digestzen/ZenGest – another gorgeous proprietary blend of oils which support the tummy. If any of us do get a tummy bug then we will be applying this onto tummies and bottoms of feet to soothe and settle. It’s also great for bloating so I will be applying it regularly over my tummy when flying – for some reason plane journeys always give me a dreadful bloat (anyone know why that is? Need to look into that!). It’s also good for a dry, sore throat and sinus issues - seeing as everyone seems to have picked up a summer cold at the moment I think this one is going to feature quite heavily!!

Peace – one of the Emotional Aromatherapy blends, this baby is one that never leaves my side. It is such a reassuring blend of oils that nurtures, comforts and basically gives you a big massive hug. It contains floral and mint oils that are known to help alleviate a number of negative emotions. I use this one a lot particularly over my heart chakra to bring a bit of, well, peace (it does what it says on the bottle…) and I will also be applying it diluted (again, thank god for the pre-diluted Touch range – I could dilute it myself but, come on, I have some serious packing to do) to the boys to bring a sense of calm and contentment. It’s especially useful for my eldest who can really work himself up into some states. Everybody needs a little peace (especially on holiday, and especially this burnt-out mama!).

There a few more that will be accompanying me but these I think will be the main ones that keep our time away safe, sane and fun.

Now all I need is to check our passports for the fifteenth time (Yes, they are there. No, they haven’t expired).

And remember the kids.

Love, light + oils,

Laura xxx


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Wake up call


You know that nagging feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something? You can’t find your keys anywhere. You keep bumping into things. You get niggly pains in your body. You feel scattered. You can’t get clarity on what the next steps are. You can’t figure out what to have for dinner. You stub your toe… and break it.

Yep, one of the most stupid self-injuries known to (wo)man. The stubbed toe. Except this weekend I managed to give mine such a wallop that I broke my pinkie toe and am now forced to take it easy. Forced. After being gently invited on so many occasions to slow down.

The run up to this has been an interesting one – full of little bumps and bruises. I slept funny and have been dealing with a sore neck ever since. I whacked my elbow and can’t lean on it. The universe has literally been giving me little wake up calls left, right and centre – but have I been listening? Nope. I just kept on keeping on.

And here I find myself laid up, not able to sleep at 3am with the most pitiful of broken bones – the toe.

So, universe – I am now listening. You have my attention. I am consciously slowing down. I am taking time with my precious babies. I am going to be present with friends and family this week during our town celebrations. I am booking that family holiday that M and I have been talking about for months and never quite committed to. I am making time for me, just to be.

Sometimes, we need a wake-up call. This one has thankfully been pretty minor. But it’s been enough to shake me up and remind me that I need to put into practice my own teachings. Self-care, self-love, being present, seeing what is around me (like the wall…ouch).

If the universe is giving you any signs, wise up to them. Reflect on what may need to change. Maybe it is just a minor adjustment that is needed to make sure you get back on the right path. Little, gentle shifts back to you.

For now, I am going to embrace the fact that I can’t rush anywhere (this is really pretty hard for me!!). I am going to up my self-care, take my supplements and fill my body with goodness so that I can heal. And it’s not just about my toe. It’s the whole picture.

Time to get back to me.

Time to up the love.

Time to mother myself.

Love, light + oils,

Laura xxx


PS If you want to know more about how I am upping my self-care game come on over and join me on facebook or instagram.


PPS. I'd love to get to know you better. Pop on over and say hi here in my private Facebook group the MAMATRIBE