Hey you. Welcome! I am so glad you’re here.


I’m Laura and I’m a mum of two little crazy, imaginative, funny, challenging, excitable boys). I’m married to Michael, the solid one who helps keep my feet on the ground but my spirit in the air, who is my home in this mad world we live in.  And I have a beautiful cat called Willow who reminds me every day to live at my pace, to take it easy and to express love and gratitude for all that comes. 

I am a free-spirited, boho, essential-oil toting, wine-loving, spa-going mama. I love to have fun, live in the now, gather those I love the dearest round me, light candles and celebrate all the achievements of this life – big or small. I love beautiful things, and I love to make my space beautiful.  

You’ll find information in here about a lot of different topics – from essential oils, to building business, to Self-Care, to mental health, to embracing more beauty in the everyday. I hope you enjoy wandering around. Grab a tea (in a beautiful mug) and stay awhile. 

I look forward to connecting with you when you are ready.

Love & Light!


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“I finally feel like I am re-connecting with who I am at my core. I can't thank Laura enough for inspiring me to take care of myself again."